Over 100 documentaries from around the world, including 7 with audio descriptions and closed captioning for Deaf viewers; 3 films screened exclusively in the online section of the festival; the greatest hits of our earlier editions… All this awaits our audience from September 19 to October 4 at mdag.pl!

Live chats, workshops, and Q&A sessions will be held via the social media pages of the festival (more information available on the event site https://www.facebook.com/events/789402908526109).

Practical information:

Access to a specific film can be purchased via its page as an e-ticket priced at 9.50 PLN. An e-ticket allows you to watch the film within 24 hours of purchase. After clicking Play you will have 4 hours to watch the film.

An e-pass allows you to watch films from 8AM, September 19, to 11:59PM, October 4. After clicking Play you will have 4 hours to watch the film. An e-pass for 5 films costs 42 PLN; for 10 films—79 PLN; and access to 14 films can be purchased for 98 PLN.

The films are only accessible from Poland.


If It Were Love, dir. Patric Chih

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/en/warszawa/movie/A-gdyby-to-byla 


Action, dir. Iwo Kondefer

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Akcja


Alphabet, dir. Erwin Wagenhofer

More about the film: https://www.againstgravity.pl/films/alfabet


An Impossible Project, dir. Jens Meurer

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Analogowy-wizjoner


Andrey Tarkovsky. A Cinema Prayer, dir. Andrey A. Tarkovsky

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Andriej-Tarkowski.-W-swiatyni


Heel-And-Toe, reż. Maxim Tomash

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Antoha-MC.-2-x-2-%253D


Mike Wallace is Here, dir. Avi Belkin

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Bezlitosny-Mike


Scars, dir. Agnieszka Zwiefka

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Blizny


Sing Me a Song, dir. Thomas Balmes

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Buddyjskie


Which Does Not Kill, dir. Alexe Poukine

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Co-nas-nie


Cunningham, dir. Alla Kovgan

More about the film:: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Cunningham.-Choreograf


Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets, dir. Bill Ross, Turner Ross

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Czerwony-nos%252C-puste


Forum, dir. Marcus Vetter

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Davos.-Centrum


For Sama, dir. Waad Al-Kateab, Edward Watts

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Dla-Samy


The Reason I Jump, dir. Jerry Rothwell

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Dlaczego-podskakuje


House of Cardin, dir. P. David Ebersole, Todd Hughes

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Dom-Pierre%2527a


A Year Full of Drama, dir. Marta Pulk

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Dramatyczny-rok


Little Girl, dir. Sébastien Lifshitz

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Dziewczynka


Ecstasy, dir. Moara Passoni

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Ekstaza


Epicentro, dir. Hubert Sauper

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Epicentrum


The Euphoria of Being, dir. Réka Szabó

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Euforia-istnienia


Forman vs. Forman, dir. Helena Třeštíková, Jakub Hejna

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Forman-vs.


Photographer of War, dir. Boris Benjamin Bertram

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Fotograf-wojny


Another Reality, dir. Noel Dernesh, Olli Waldhauer

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Gangi-Berlina


Once The Dust Settles, dir. John Appel

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Gdy-opadnie-pyl


Fat Front, dir. Louise Unmack Kjeldsen, Louise Detlefsen 

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Grubaski-na


iHuman, dir. Tonje Hessen Schei

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/iHuman


Jawline, dir. Liza Mandelup

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Influencer.-W-pogoni-za


IYENGAR: the Man, Yoga, and The Student's Journey, dir. Jake Clennell

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Iyengar%253A-czlowiek%252C-joga-i-droga


Once Upon a Time in Poland, dir. Vít Klusák, Filip Remunda

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Jak-Bog-szukal


How to Survive a Plague, dir. David France

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Jak-przetrwac


The Cave, dir. Feras Fayyad

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Jaskinia


Time Busters, dir. Aleksandra Kutz

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Jeszcze-zdaze


Jiro Dreams of Sushi, dir. David Gelb

More about the film: https://www.filmweb.pl/film/Jiro+%C5%9Bni+o+sushi-2011-637000


JovannaForFuture, dir. Mirjam Marks

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Jovanna-dla


Capital in the Twenty-First Century, dir. Justin Pemberton

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Kapital-w-XXI


Woman, dir. Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Anastasia Mikova

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Kobieta


The Lovers and the Despot, dir. Robert Cannan, Ross Adam

More about the film: http://archiwum2016.docsag.pl/pl/movies/kochankowie-i-dyktator/?dist=warszawa


Max Richter's Sleep, dir. Natalie Johns

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Kolysanka-Maxa


Romantic Comedy, dir. Elizabeth Sankey

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Komedia-romantyczna


Confucian Dreams, dir. Mijie Li

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Konfucjanskie


Space Dogs, dir. Elsa Kremser, Levin Peter

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Kosmiczne-psy


Honeyland, dir. Ljubomir Stefanov, Tamara Kotevska 

More about the film: https://archiwum2019.mdag.pl/16/pl/warszawa/movie/Kraina-miodu


King of the Cruise, dir. Sophie Dros

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Krol-rejsu


The Prince and The Dybbuk, dir. Elwira Niewiera, Piotr Rosołowski

More about the film: http://archiwum2018.docsag.pl/pl/movies/the-prince-and-the-dybbuk/


The Booksellers, dir. D.W. Young

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Ksiegarnie-Nowego


Kubrick by Kubrick, dir. Grégory Monro

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Kubrick-o-Kubricku


Shadow Flowers, dir. Seung-Jun Yi

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Kwiaty-dwoch


La Mami, dir. Laura Herrero Garvin

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/La-Mami


Don’t Give A Fox, dir. Kaspar Astrup Schröder

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Lis-to-lizal


Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World, dir. Werner Herzog

More about the film: http://archiwum2016.docsag.pl/pl/movies/lo-i-stalo-sie-zaduma-nad-swiatem-w-sieci/?dist=warszawa


The Mafia Is No Longer What It Used To Be, dir. Franco Maresco

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Mafia-to-juz-nie-to%252C-co


The Painter and the Thief, dir. Benjamin Ree

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Malarka-i-zlodziej


Martin Margiela: In His Own Words, dir. Reiner Holzemer

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Margiela-o


Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present, dir. Matthew Akers

More about the film: https://www.filmweb.pl/film/Marina+Abramovi%C4%87%3A+artystka+obecna-2012-644408


City Dreamers, dir. Joseph Hillel

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Marzycielki


Mother, dir. Kristof Bilsen

More about the film:: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Matka


Smog Town, dir. Meng Han

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Miasto-smogu


Between Us, dir. Dorota Proba

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Miedzy-nami


My Rembrandt, dir. Oeke Hoogendijk

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Moj-Rembrandt


My Generation, dir. David Batty 

More about the film: https://archiwum2019.mdag.pl/16/pl/warszawa/movie/My-Generation


Swimming Out Till The Sea Turns Blue, dir. Jia Zhang-ke

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Na-horyzoncie-morze-jest


Leap of Faith: William Friedkin on "The Exorcist”, dir. Alexandre O. Philippe

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Na-wiare.-%25E2%2580%259EEgzorcysta%2522-Williama


Adolescentes, dir. Sébastien Lifshitz

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Nastolatki


Ninosca, dir. Peter Torbiörnsso

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Ninosca


Nomad: In the Footsteps of Bruce Chatwin, dir. Werner Herzog

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Nomada.-Na-tropie-Bruce%2527a


The New Bauhaus – The Life and Legacy of Moholy-Nagy, dir. Alysa Nahmias

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Nowy-Bauhaus


The Last Male on Earth, dir. Floor van der Meulen

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Ostatni-samiec-na


Spaceship Earth, dir. Matt Wolf

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Planeta-2.0


This Train I Ride, dir. Arno Bitschy

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Pociag-do-zycia


State Funeral, dir. Sergei Loznitsa

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Pogrzeb-Stalina


Say Yes/No, dir. Pawel Hejbudzki

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Powiedz-tak-lub


Ringside, dir. Andre Hörmann

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Poza-ringiem


Robolove, dir. Maria Arlamovsky

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Robolove


The Dilemma of Desire, dir. Maria Finitzo

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Rozterki-pozadania


MS, dir. Suzanne Raes

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/SM


Solo, dir. David Michôd,  Jennifer Peedom

More about the film: https://www.filmweb.pl/film/Solo-2008-505514


Let's Try to Jump Into the Well, dir. Piotr Stasik, Dorota Wardęszkiewicz

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Sprobujmy-skoczyc-do


Wood, dir. Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan, Michaela Kirst, Ebba Sinzinger

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Straznicy-lasu


Piano to Zanskar, dir. Michal Sulima - dostępna wersja z audiodeskrypcją i napisami dla niesłyszących

More about the film: https://archiwum2019.mdag.pl/16/pl/warszawa/movie/Stroiciel-Himalajow


Looking for Gilles Caron, dir. Mariana Otero

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Szukajac-Gilles%2527a


You Don't Nomi, dir. Jeffrey McHale

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Tajemnice-Showgirls


QT8: The First Eight, dir. Tara Wood

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Tarantino%253A-bekart


Now, dir. Jim Rakete

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Teraz-albo


Tony Halik, dir. Marcin Borchardt

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Tony-Halik


Meanwhile on Earth, dir. Carl Olsson

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Tymczasem-na


The Street, dir. Zed Nelson

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Ulica-Gentryfikacji


The Circle, dir. Margit Lillak

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/W-kregu


That Click, dir. Luca Severi

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/W-obiektywie


The Fight, dir. Elyse Steinberg, Josh Kriegman, Eli Despres

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/W-obronie-prawa


Summerwar, dir. Moritz Schulz

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Wakacje-z-bronia


The Kingmaker, dir. Lauren Greenfield

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Wazniejsza-od


Merry Christmas, Yiwu, dir. Mladen Kovačević

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Wesolych-Swiat%252C


Faith, dir. Valentina Pedicini

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Wiara


Faith and Fury, dir. Marcos Pimentel

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Wiara-i-furia


The Whale from Lorino, dir. Maciej Cuske

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Wieloryb-z


We Believe in Dinosaurs, dir. Clayton Brown, Monica Long Ross

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Wierzymy-w


Welcome to Chechnya, dir. David France

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Witamy-w-Czeczenii


Punks, dir. Maasja Ooms

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Wyrzutki


Listen, dir. Astrid Bussink

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Wysluchaj



From Within, dir. Cezary Grzesiuk, Kystian Kamiński, Tomasz Szwan

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Z-wnetrza


Sea of Shadows, dir. Richard Ladkani

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Zatoka-cieni


Quiet One, dir. Oliver Murray

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Zawod%253A-basista


The Earth is Blue as an Orange,  dir. Iryna Tsilyk

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Ziemia-jest-niebieska-jak


Winter Camp, dir. Petteri Saario

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/Zimowy-biwak


But Beautiful, dir. Erwin Wagenhofer

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/%2528...%2529-ale-piekne


#bullyingstory, dir. Eef Hilgers

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/%2523hejt


16 Sunrises, dir. Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff

More about the film: https://mdag.pl/17/pl/warszawa/movie/16-wschodow-slonca