Director of SCANDAL. His film experience includes, among others, working on the set of Black Thursday. His 2014 documentary film Totart or Reason Regained won him renown.

Co-director of FROM WITHIN. Polish film producer, director and editor, born in 1963. He is the owner of the Blue dReam Film studio and lecturer at the Krakow Film School AMA. He has worked as an editor on many well-known Polish productions, including „Destined for Blues” (2005), „Little Rose” (2010), „Imagine” (2012), „Once Upon a Time in November” (2017).

Co-director of FROM WITHIN. He graduated film direction from the faculty of Radio and Television in Silesia University. In 2005-2007 he took part in Film Kindergarden classes organised by Andrew Wajda Movie Direction Master School during which movie "Cold" shown on 7th International Film Festival Era New Horizons was made. In 2015 he finished documentary "Little Big Team" also shown on a few film festivals like: Millennium Docs Against Gravity or Kraków Film Festival.

Co-director of FROM WITHIN. Inhabitant of Sanok. Graduated in law from University of Rzeszów. In 2009 he came up with an idea for Love Never Dies festival - an event to commemorate Tomasz Beksinski. Making a short documentary Doctor Jimmy was a part of the event with Tomasz Szwan as a co-director. The film had a screening at the 50th Cracow Film Festival.