Since his early childhood Florian “Doc“ Kaps specialized in running towards the opposite direction. To the digital revolution and its tendency to neglect the existence of our 5! senses as well as the magic of analog technologies, Doc reacted by founding The Impossible Project in 2008, rescuing the last Polaroid factory in the Netherlands and bringing back iconic Polaroid photographs to the world. His super successful Kickstarter project in 2012 celebrated his passion to connect the best of both worlds (analog & digital) with the invention and production of the INSTANT LAB. Since the opening of his new dream company SUPERSENSE in 2014, Doc enlarged his mission of preventing the demise of carefully selected analog technologies by re-connecting them with the potential of new customers and products and globally building new awareness and developing markets. Together with a team of analog believers, lovers, mavericks, souls, crafters and the Kickstarter supporters, Doc is now ready to start the next truly impossible adventures.