dir. /The Netherlands/2019/55 min.

Multiple sclerosis is a well-known disease with a dramatic course. You have it, but you don’t know why you got it or how you can fight it. Jeroen Geurts, a professor of Translational Neu-roscience at the Amsterdam UMC, is at the forefront of MS research ambitious. The year he turns 40, he takes stock of what his research has yielded so far. Lineke van den Boezem, a scriptwriter, was diagnosed with MS around her 40th birthday and she feels her doctors have little to offer her. The film revolves around two perspectives: What does science have to offer the individual? And what can a scientist learn from an individual patient?


  • projection time:
    55 min.
  • country/year:
    The Netherlands /2019
  • director:
    Suzanne Raes
  • awards :
    2019 – IDFA Amsterdam

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