Producer of LESSONS OF LOVE.  Graduated from Cinema Studies (University Paris X), Creative Producer’s Course (Wajda School) and Philosophy (University of Warsaw). Has gathered experience in different areas of cinema as a production manager, co-director, first AD, screenwriter, manager at film festival. Currently working on creative documentaries and running workshops for documentary filmmakers.

Protagonist of THE PAINTER AND THE THIEF. Guest of the online meeting. She was born in 1983 in Prague, Czech Republic. For several years she lived in Berlin, Germany where she worked as an assistant to several artists in addition to working on her own artworks. She eventually moved to Oslo, Norway where she still has her home base and has worked as an artist for several years now. She currently splits her time between Oslo and a hideaway in the Swedish forest. She's working on a new painting series called Manikarnika in addition to new works featuring her Muse, Bertil (the Thief).

Director of SCANDAL. His film experience includes, among others, working on the set of Black Thursday. His 2014 documentary film Totart or Reason Regained won him renown.

Director and screenwriter of THE WALL OF SHADOWS. Eliza is a director, alpinist and traveller. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Wajda Film School in Poland. Since 2004 she directed awarded world-wide documentary films, often produced in extreme locations: What happened on Pam Island (TVP, 2010), made on Greenland; Walking Under Water, ZDF/Arte, 2014), filmed on the seas around Borneo and underwater.

Protagonist of LESSONS OF LOVE. An eccentric, colorfully dressed woman approaching 70. After 50 years of marriage, she gathers the courage to leave her abusive husband in Northern Italy and return to her hometown of Szczecin. There, she is finally able to lead the life she had always wanted to have: she dances, sings, and writes poems and songs. Her lyrics often deal with love that she herself had never experienced. One night she meets a man called Wojtek on the dancefloor of Café Uśmiech… In her eyes, the world is full of romance, colors and drama. Her lust for life is contagious!

Co-director and cinematographer of LESSONS OF LOVE.  Filmmaker and photographer, graduate of Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland from the fac- ulty of Film and TV. She’s worked as a director, cinematographer, editor, sound technician and producer. She made short documentaries and experimental films in Scotland, Irleand, Argen- tina, Bolivia, Peru, Mongolia . Her documentary „Silence on the way to the Reindeer People” won awards at the festivals in Brazil, Romania, Portu- gal and in Poland. She conducts film workshops for disadvantaged youth.

Co-director of LESSONS OF LOVE. A documentary filmmaker with an artistic background. Małgorzata graduated from the DocPro course at Wajda School in 2012 and POLSKA. DOC. She received a master degree in Multimedia Art. She worked in the Department of Experimental Film (Academy of Fine Arts in Szczecin). She works with different media: documentary film and contemporary art, often combining these two fields.

Director of TONY HALIK. Screenwriter, director and film expert. Director of documentary films, commercials, video clips and television programs. He teaches directing in Gdynia Film School and avant-garde cinema, contemporary documentary filmmaking at Gdansk University. Member of the Polish Film Academy (PAF) and the European Film Academy (EFA).