Wednesday, September 9 | 19:00 | Warszawa screening room

Festival Opening Night (tickets + invitations): screening of “Lessons of love” and meeting with directors Kasia Mateja and Małgorzata Goliszewska, producer Anna Stylińska, and the protagonists of the film—Jolanta Janus and Leokadia Ogrodowczyk

Language: Polish

Jola, the eccentric, vibrant, almost-70 protagonist of the film, dares to take a major step: she escapes her hellish marriage in Italy after 50 years, returning to her hometown of Szczecin, where she is finally able to live the way she wanted to—singing, dancing, writing songs and poems… One night on the dancefloor of the Uśmiech Cafe she meets Wojtek, a slightly older man who falls head over heels for her.