The New Bauhaus – The Life and Legacy of Moholy-Nagy

The New Bauhaus – The Life and Legacy of Moholy-Nagy
dir. Alysa Nahmias/United States/2019/89 min.
Gdyńskie Centrum Filmowe, sala Warszawa
Gdyńskie Centrum Filmowe, sala Morskie Oko
Gdyńskie Centrum Filmowe, sala Warszawa
An odyssey through the life and legacy of László Moholy-Nagy, the innovative artist and educator whose pioneering approach to integrating technology into design continues to influence and inspire In the 1920s, rising Hungaria artist László Moholy-Nagy taught at the revolutionary Bauhaus school in Weimar, Germany, alongside luminaries like Paul Klee, Josef Albers, Anni Albers, Gunta Stolzl, Wassily Kandinsky, and Marcel Breuer. An upstart within this esteemed group, Moholy established himself as a visionary, and the approach he developed while teaching became the ethos of his work: training artists to live “happier lives in modernity.” 
Forced into exile by the Nazis, Moholy moved to Chicago with his two daughters and his second wife, Sibyl Moholy-Nagy, where he found himself inspired by the sense of re-invention in the city. Initially at the New Bauhaus and ultimately through the Institute of Design, Moholy challenged students to create systemic, human-centered design. Motivated by the challenge of creating within the limitations of the Great Depression and then World War II, Moholy’s embrace of artistic versatility and technological possibility continues to reverberate in the artworld today.

  • projection time:
    89 min.
  • country/year:
    United States /2019
  • director:
    Alysa Nahmias
  • pictures:
    Petter Ringbom
  • production:
    Petter Ringbom, Erin Wright, Alysa Nahmias / Opendox, Ajna Films
  • awards :
    2020 – IFF Palm Springs, 2019 – IFF Chicago

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