The Whale from Lorino

Wieloryb z Lorino
dir. Maciej Cuske/Poland/2020/59 min.
Gdyńskie Centrum Filmowe, sala Morskie Oko
Gdyńskie Centrum Filmowe, sala Morskie Oko

Chukotka, a place located on the edge of Siberia, where freezing winter lasts ten months. It's a severe land, where only the strongest are able to survive. One of the oldest Siberian tribes has been living there for centuries. Its tradition, culture and life in harmony with nature had been brutally destroyed by the Soviet regime. Since the USSR collapsed the tribe members have been trying to survive, in spite of the lack of wisdom coming from their ancestors and lack of hope for the future. One of the last sources of life and tradition for the Chukchi people is hunting for whales, whose fate is also threatened. For the Chukchi, whales carry hope to survive the next winter. As soon as the land of Lorino warms up from the sun, the hunting begins. It’s a struggle of two worlds which approach the edge of existence during each battle.


  • projection time:
    59 min.
  • country/year:
    Poland /2020
  • director:
    Maciej Cuske
  • pictures:
    Piotr Bernaś
  • production:
    Mikołaj Pokromski, Aldona Pokromska / Pokromski Studio
  • awards :
    2020 – Krakow FF: Silver Horn for the director of a film with high artistic value, Award for the best producer, Award of the President of the Polish Filmmakers Association, 2019 – IDFA Amsterdam

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