Screening of SCANDAL and meeting with film's director and screenwriter - Bartosz Paduch

September 8 | 20:10 | Kino Centrum Spotkania Kultur

Language: Polish

Meet Bartosz Paduch, the director and screenwriter of SCANDAL.

Bartosz Paduch (born January 24, 1979 in Gdańsk)--director and screenwriter. He learned filmmaking on the job as the assistant director on the set of “Black Thursday”. Paduch also created the famous documentary “Totart” in 2014. His interest in the relationship between music and social change in Poland is once again evidenced in his latest production, “Scandal”.

The meeting will take place after the screening of SCANDAL.

It’s the mid-90s in the Ursynów high-rise neighborhood of Warsaw. A group of guys fascinated with MTV and American rap form the Mistic Molesta rap crew—an expression of youthful rebellion against the dull reality. They have no idea that their music will change the Polish hip hop scene and they themselves will become the voice of the new generation. But now the talented kids are grown and their paths have diverged. How are they dealing with the music scene and their personal lives? Like a time machine, this film transports us to an age when everything was simple and friends were like family.