That Which Does Not KIll

Sans Frapper
dir. Alexe Poukine/Belgium/2019/84 min.
Kinoteka, sala 2
Kinoteka, sala 2
Kinoteka, sala 3
Muranów, Ingrid + Pola
He was someone she knew, and she didn’t resist. And then it happened twice more that week. Ada was 19. Her testimony is central to this film, but many share her history: people of all ages, black and white, men and women. Director Alexe Poukine finds a sensitive way to make it possible to talk about the consequences of rape: the pain, the coping mechanisms, or indeed the lack of them. 
Ada’s story is interwoven with the experiences of others, from different perspectives, but in essence barely different. The result is a collective introspection that connects compellingly with us – which are the questions that come to our minds, and which are the ones that we forget to ask? Although the narrative style often misleads us, it also creates space for the universality of the story. It's one that's neither simple to express nor easy to hear. The best you can do is listen carefully.

  • projection time:
    84 min.
  • country/year:
    Belgium /2019
  • director:
    Alexe Poukine
  • pictures:
    Elin Kirschfink
  • production:
    Cyril Bibas / Centre Video de Bruxelles, Alter Ego Production
  • awards :
    2019 – IDFA Amsterdam, 2019 – DOK Leipzig, 2019 – Visions du Réel Nyon, 2019 – IFF Marseille

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