Abstracted / Family

Abstracted / Family
dir. Koki Tanaka/Japan/2020/110 min.
Kinoteka, sala 2

Koki Tanaka questions the coordinates and the mechanisms that contribute to the formation of a family through his film work “Abstracted / Family”, where the notion of “family” is not one based on blood relation, but refers to a “quasi-family”, wherein a group of people who happen to share the same time and space are united. Tanaka brings together four protagonists whose families descend from Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil and the Korean peninsula, but are themselves native Japanese speakers and have been brought up in a Japanese cultural environment. Their co-existence in a typical Japanese suburban house requires them to be involved in diverse everyday life actions or work together as a group in creating a series of abstract paintings. On another side, the artist questions the stereotype that the Japanese are a homogenous race an idea shared both by the local population, as well as the international public opinion.


  • projection time:
    110 min.
  • country/year:
    Japan /2020
  • director:
    Koki Tanaka
  • pictures:
    Shinya Aoyama
  • production:
    Koki Tanaka / Koki Tanaka
  • awards :
    2020 – IFF Berlin

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