Cityprojections: discussion with Monika Arczyńska and Grzegorz Piątek following the screening of CITY DREAMERS, dir. Joseph Hillel
Screening of CAUGHT IN THE NET and online discussion with the directors – Vit Klusak and Barbora Chalupova
Punished for love: the LGBTQ+ community in Poland. Discussion with Anna Strzałkowska and Jacek Jasionek following the screening of WELCOME TO CHECHNYA, dir. David France
Artificial Intelligence: how is it changing our lives and how will it impact our future? Discussion following the screening of iHUMAN, dir. Tonje Hessen Schei
Screening of SCANDAL and meeting with director Bartosz Paduch
Discussion between film educator Paulina Pohl and Gdynia Aquarium employee Małgorzata Żywicka following the screening of MY OCTOPUS TEACHER, dir. Pippa Erlich
How can we travel with love for the world? Discussion with Adam Szostek following the screening of NOMAD. IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF BRUCE CHATWIN, dir. Werner Herzog
Why do we photograph wars? Meeting with photographer Maciej Moskwa following the screening of PHOTOGRAPHER OF WAR, dir. Boris Benjamin Bertram
Debate: Our local sea change: what will the Baltic Sea look like in 50 years? Following the screening of SEA OF SHADOWS, dir. Richard Ladkani
Screening of THE PAINTER AND THE THIEF and meeting with ….
Why do we need bookstores? Meeting with booksellers Malwina Antczak and Emilia Smentek and writer Magdalena Grzebałkowska following the screening of THE BOOKSELLERS, dir. D.W. Young
Screening of WALL OF SHADOWS and meeting with director Eliza Kubarska
Meeting with Piotr Wajda, film critic and scholar of the works of Quentin Tarantino following the screening of QT8: THE FIRST EIGHT, dir. Tara Wood
Cinematherapy: Why do we sometimes believe in nonsense? Following the screening of WE BELIEVE IN DINOSAURS, dir. Clayton Brown, Monica Long Ross
Truths and myths about the unusual world of people with autism. Meeting with Monika Zielińska, autism diagnosis and therapy expert following the screening of THE REASON I JUMP, dir. Jerry Rothwell
I’m not much of an influencer. Meeting with Jakobe Mansztajn of Make Life Harder following the screening of JAWLINE, dir. Liza Mandelup
Screening of TONY HALIK and meeting with director Marcin Borchardt, editor Irena Siedlar, and score composer Stefan Wesołowski
Screening of ONCE UPON A TIME IN POLAND and meeting with producers Maria Krauss and Joanna Plesnar