Debate: Conspiracy theories or science — what’s easier to believe in? following the screening of WE BELIEVE IN DINOSAURS, dir. Clayton Brown, Monica Long Ross
Debate: Punished for love—the LGBTQ+ community in Chechnya and Poland
Discussion: An evening with people who love books and indie bookstores
Four-legged Astronauts. Meeting with Elsa Kremser and Levin Peter following the screening of their film SPACE DOGS
Presentation of the Polish Home Movie Archive initiative of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw  before the screening of THE MAELSTROM — A FAMILY CHRONICLE, dir. Péter Forgács
Discussion: The “Skok w Dok” project: making documentaries for young viewers following the screening of UNDERAGE ENGINEERS, dir. Aleksandra Skowron, Hanna Polak
Why are Poles so religious? Meeting with the crew of ONCE UPON A TIME IN POLAND, dir. Vit Klusak, Filip Remunda
Lecture: An intelligent space alien. What can the octopus teach us? following the screening of MY OCTOPUS TEACHER, dir. Pippa Ehrlich, James Reed
Body positivity Meeting with Helene Thyrsted, a.k.a. Chubby Dane, the protagonist of “FAT FRONT, dir. Louise Detlefsen and Louise Unmack Kjeldsen
War and vacation. Meeting with Moritz Schulz following the screening of his SUMMERWAR
Debate: When the state fails. Lawyers defending citizens following the screening of THE FIGHT, dir. Elyse Steinberg, Josh Kriegman, Eli Despres
Discussion: Lumber dealers. How does this business operate? following the screening of WOOD by Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan, Michaela Kirst, and Ebba Sinzinger
Discussion: Youth on the Net and how to protect them following the screening of CAUGHT IN THE NET, dir. Vít Klusák, Barbora Chalupová
Debate: Will COVID deepen inequality? Following the screening of CAPITAL IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY, dir. Justin Pemberton
Discussion: The incredible world of people with autism following the screening of THE REASON I JUMP, dir. Jerry Rothwell
Debate: Are romcoms destroying our relationships? Following the screening of ROMANTIC COMEDY, dir. Elizabeth Sankey
Meeting for senior citizens: New relationships later in life. Following the screening of LESSONS OF LOVE, dir. Małgorzata Goliszewska, Kasia Mateja
Debate: The Earth is burning. Will the number of fires grow?
Mothers, daughters, feminists. Discussion following the screening of DAUGHTER RITE, dir. Michelle Citron
Discussion: Is it possible to travel like Bruce Chatwin in our times? Following the screening of NOMAD. IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF BRUCE CHATWIN, dir. Werner Herzog
Analog hype. Discussion with director and Dr Florian Kaps, the protagonist of “An Impossible Project”
Debate: From influencers to activists. Following the screening of JAWLINE, dir. Liza Mandelup
Mistresses of the Gaze. On intertextual found footage films by female directors. Before the screening of MY MEXICAN BRETZEL, dir. Nuria Giménez
Robert Fisk, Foreign Correspondent. Meeting with the protagonist of THIS IS NOT A MOVIE, dir. Yung Chang
Night meeting with THE EXORCIST
Discussion: Who’s going to look after Mom and Dad? Following the screening of “Mother”, dir. Kristof Bilsen
Debate: How fashion reacts to body positivity. Following the screening of FAT FRONT by Louise Detlefsen and Louise Unmack Kjeldsen